KEYS Welcomes Winter and 2014

01 Jan 2014

Yes – winter is here! And KEYS kicked it off with a trip to the Royal Winter Fair to learn about our food sources and farm animals. The horse show, feeding goats and seeing all the agricultural food produce were all big hits! Check out our photos on KEYS Facebook page.


Lunching together after planning, shopping and prepping is the pivotal activity for KEYS – we are so fortunate to have our guest Celebrity Chefs complement Kristina’s menus. Chefs Kathy, Amanda and Joanna  were cooking and baking with us these past few weeks, each bringing delicious and nutritious learning occasions to KEYS. It was also great to have our families share their favourite dishes at our annual KEYS’ Families and Friends’ Christmas party….yummy food and lots of laughter, singing and friendship.

Contributing to our Community at various businesses is a key focus area for many of our participants. In order to hone their business skills and set them up for success we held a workshop on Helpful Hints for a Successful KEYS’ Community Contributor.


THANKS to Amanda, Victoria and our new Community Contributor Co-ordinator – Kristina for teaching our young adults good business conduct.

KEYS embraces new learning opportunities and ways to engage with our community. This new year we will be exploring new KEYS’ group volunteer work as well as finding individual placements for our participants to meaningfully contribute to local businesses.


Safety, Inclusion and Respect continue to be our priorities whenever we are together. We look forward to learning from “Keeping your Cool”, a six week course from VITA  running January through February for all of our participants.  We see this year as another stepping stone to independence and more personal growth and development of life skills, our friendships and our contributions to our community.

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