KEYS Jumps into Spring with Green Activities!

24 Jun 2014

We believe that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work / volunteer / social experiences are KEYS to the successful creation of strong, vibrant communities which include people of ALL abilities.

Earth Day with Larissa in High Park was a wonderful way for KEYS to contribute to a greener community. The “Blue Glove” patrol collected garbage for several hours and then had treats at the café..what a great way to  be clean and green.



KEYS’ friends from the Toronto & Parkdale Horticultural Societies came to run another successful planting workshop – marigolds and beans were potted and “green” lessons learned. We look forward to watching these plants grow as well as the many vegetables from Mr. Bruni’s garden that we planted in containers on the rooftop.

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Volunteer Appreciation 

In keeping with the national celebration of wonderful volunteers who give so generously of their time and expertise, KEYS hosted a spring lunch serving primavera pasta and salad to celebrate and honour our special friends. Thank YOU!

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Celebrity chefs are some of our wonderful volunteers who teach us new recipes that are deee-licious and nutritious..everything from Kathy’s chicken caprese to Joanna’s turkey burgers and yummy salads and chowders..thank you thank you!


Grease put on by Dramaway was a musical many of our KEYS’ participants rehearsed during the year and then gave an outstanding performance to a packed house in late May – Congrats to all the award winning actors and singers – BRAVO!

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Thanks to our wonderful staff, Safety, Inclusion and Respect are always our priorities whenever we are together. We are now looking forward to a fun filled July and August with lots of new discoveries in the kitchen and in the community. See our Summer Camp poster below:

Summer Camp at KEYS is for those young adults (18 years and older) with intellectual disabilities who love to cook and go on excursions. Participants will plan, prepare, and share meals with their KEYS friends. The camp participants will also have opportunities to explore exciting places throughout Toronto.

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