KEYS’ Kicks the Winter Blues

12 Feb 2015

We believe that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work / volunteer / social experiences are KEYS to the successful creation of strong, vibrant communities which include people of ALL abilities.

As such, the 3 pillars of KEYS are:

  • Ongoing Learning / the Arts
  • Work / Volunteer Experiences – Community Contributors
  • Social / Recreation / Fitness

KEYS has been very active in all three pillars these past few months all the while continuing to develop and grow individually. Check our facebook page for pix!

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Ongoing Learning / the Arts
KEYS’ friends from the Toronto and Parkdale Horticultural Society brought boughs of greenery and goodies of all kinds with which to create seasonal centerpieces. Individual artistic styles became evident with reindeer decorated with earring bells, Santa stickers, bows, candy canes and more ornaments hanging from each branch. It was fun, festive and friendly using our green thumbs in a different way – though thoughts and ideas for spring planting were also discussed . THANK you again to Terri, Ron, Gillian, and Hilde for being our friends and for bringing a wonderful learning experience to KEYS!

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January was art month where Emma taught us about different artists – we made Picasso style self portraits..and Group of Seven styled landscapes.

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 9.06.00 AM

Then again were guests at the AGO with our friend Michael Proulx who guided us on a special tour.

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Community Contributors:

Emma leads our young adults with wonderful staff and volunteer support at Lunch ‘n Learn. She is also the KEYS’ Community Contributor Co-ordinator, guiding our Job Coaches who work individually with KEYS’ Community Contributors. Volunteer and / or paid work placements are arranged in the Junction neighbourhood by KEYS to create win / win situations for business owners and our young adults who have so much to offer.

Our semi-annual Workplace Success Workshop was filled with helpful hints on how to be successful at work – starting with waking up on time..eating a good breakfast – knowing where you are going and the best method for how to be in a positive happy mood at work. Pam taught us the “Hygiene High 5” with essential personal grooming tips on how to present our best selves at work. THANK YOU Amanda and Pam for helping KEYS create successful Community Contributors!

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Social / Recreation / Fitness
Our participants plan their community outings to include the YMCA regularly.

Yes it’s cold outside but KEYS is “Keeping your Cool”, and learning how to manage feelings of frustration and anger in positive ways. How important is that?

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What a wonderful way to warm up a cold winter day – what KEYS loves doing best..prepping and cooking for our community friends and supporters – be it a community lunch to share or a leadership lunch followed with activities and song –  THANK YOU to our wonderful friends who believe in our abilities!

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For further information please contact:

Our mission is to facilitate employment, volunteer work, learning and recreational opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, to maximize their potential through integration into our west Toronto community.


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