KEYS celebrated 5 Years in 2016

07 Oct 2015


KEYS celebrated 5 Years in 2016

Check our Facebook page for some great pix and stories from this past summer!

KEYS is looking forward to the next 5 years and beyond, with new activities in all three pillars designed to help our adults to continue to develop and grow in their community. We believe that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work/volunteer/social experiences are keys to the successful creation of strong, vibrant communities which include people of ALL abilities.


The 3 pillars of KEYS are:

  • On-Going Learning / the Arts
  • Work / Volunteer Experiences + Community Contributors
  • Social / Recreation / Fitness


On-Going Learning / the Arts

Lunch ‘n Learn at KEYS means a lot of great cooking based on healthy meal planning, local shopping and dining together. KEYS’ participants lead and learn as they prepare recipes for themselves and community guests. Growing and eating our own tomatoes and herbs this year was a great gardening project enjoyed by all. Literacy and numeracy practice daily is seamlessly built into all activities. Celebrity Chefs join us often to teach new skills and share good times.

The Arts in the form of music sessions and art expression are an important part of the KEYS’ program. A certified Art Therapist leads our participants in creative exercises that help connect feelings with different media.


Community Contributors

Our goal is to create win / win situations for business owners and our adults who have so much to offer in a business / service environment. This summer to our on-going group volunteering we have added Safehaven where we cooked and baked for the children and staff. We continue monthly to contribute at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, FoodShare and Safe Haven Project for Community Living. For individual placements we welcome our new partner Ola Daycare on Dundas.  More and more the value of our dedicated KEYS’ Community Contributors is being recognized.

Picture13 Picture14 IMG_1582


Social / Recreation / Fitness

Yoga classes, community walks and regular outings to the YMCA keep us fit as well as reinforce community navigation skills. Special seasonal outings to pumpkin orchards and nature trails all enhance our appreciation of the beauty of the countryside around us. And of course everyone loves a party – KEYS celebrates birthdays with friendship, fun and fabulous food!



Picture17 KEYS was created by families to advance our mission of facilitating employment, volunteer work, learning and recreational opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, to maximize their potential through integration into our west Toronto community.

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