West Toronto KEYS to INclusion (“KEYS”) is a non-profit registered charity founded by a community of families in West Toronto to meet the needs of our adults with intellectual disabilities, who had completed high school and needed meaningful opportunities for continued growth and inclusion in our neighbourhoods. KEYS was incorporated in 2009, and we began offering continued growth and development opportunities through our Lunch ‘n Learn Program and Community Contributors.

KEYS is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors.
The 2024-25 slate of Directors is:

  • President: Hélène Paulyn-Murray
  • Vice-President: Carol Layton
  • Treasurer: Patricia Curmi
  • Secretary: Maryanne Bruni 
  • Director: Monica Francis
  • Director: Patricia Patterson
  • Director: Sanja Sekaric

Annual Report for 2023/2024

Annual Report for 2022/2023

Annual Report for 2021/2022

KEYS operates in Toronto’s west end out of the Humbercrest United Church.


  • Cooking at Lunch ‘n Learn
  • Arts and Literacy
  • Safety and Community Skills
  • Life Skills

Work & Volunteering Experience

  • KEYS provides participants with a Job Coach
  • KEYS participants work in the community at local Businesses and Services

Social & Recreational

  • Fitness Programs
  • Trips to Museums and Other Toronto Attractions
  • Growing Friendships

A Possible Week in the Life of a KEYS Participant:


is full, active participation in our community for our family members and friends with intellectual disabilities.


is to facilitate learning, social, fitness, voulnteer and work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, to maximize their potential through inclusion in our community.


that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work/volunteer/social experience are KEYS to the successful creation of strong vibrant communities, which include people with all abilities. KEYS provides both a physical place in which to meet, as well as community engagement.