For local establishments, KEYS is one of your links to enhancing your community involvement work.  KEYS can help you with our resources to help your business for a win / win for all.

The “Community Business Partner” agrees to:

  • Provide a paid/unpaid job for a KEYS participant and their job coach
  • Include a weekly 2 hours or more job for Participants
  • Provide the participant and their Job Coach initial training and on-going feedback during the first three months.
  • Define Job Coach roles as required to support the business.

The KEYS Participant agrees to demonstrate:

  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism and respect for all community members
  • Commitment to employer and community
  • Communication as related to job responsibilities
  • Responsibility for the task and striving for more responsibility

Role of the Job Coach

KEYS recognizes that no two people are the same in terms of their goals, abilities and support needs. As such, “Job Coaches” provide participants the individualized support they need in order to successfully perform their jobs.

Job Coaches strive to provide a win / win for both the participant and the establishment so they:

  • assess the need to adapt the job description (if required) to ensure success for both the establishment and the participant
  • help with communications between the participant and the employer ;
  • travel with the participant from KEYS to and from their workplace setting;
  • work one-on-one with participant to teach job responsibilities;
  • set the goal with the participant to be as independent as possible in the job;
  • ensure that the participant completes their task(s) effectively;
  • respect and treat all with dignity at all times
  • use his/her interpersonal skills to handle all work related situations to ensure professionalism all around
  • manage regular feedback sessions with both the participant and his/her supervisor to review progress and to ensure job requirements are met.
  • review progress regularly and report on job fit.

If you or your organization would like to become a community business partner by offering a volunteer work experience to a KEYS participant, please contact us here:



is full, active participation in our community for our family members and friends with intellectual disabilities.


is to facilitate learning, social, fitness, voulnteer and work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, to maximize their potential through inclusion in our community.


that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work/volunteer/social experience are KEYS to the successful creation of strong vibrant communities, which include people with all abilities. KEYS provides both a physical place in which to meet, as well as community engagement.