KEYS Got Talent

In late March 2021, KEYS adults banded together to create the sensational hit KEYS Got Talent!

KEYS adults were recorded on Zoom showcasing a talent, skill or ability unique to them. We had dancers, artists, readers, musicians and more! The show quickly became so much more than a talent show, it became an opportunity to shine brightly as individuals. Everyone felt seen and valued, no matter what they shared. The magic of the KEYS community transcended the screen as each and every performer received and shared incredibly kind compliments, of which only a sampling is include in the video. KEYS Got Talent was a great success in creating a platform for community, connection, and flourishing friendships.

CREDITS: Cast: KEYS 2021

Concept & Coaching: Elena Gutérriez & Anne McCallum

Video Editing & Effects: Rob Trepanier


is full, active participation in our community for our family members and friends with intellectual disabilities.


is to facilitate learning, social, fitness, voulnteer and work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, to maximize their potential through inclusion in our community.


that neighbourhood opportunities for knowledge and work/volunteer/social experience are KEYS to the successful creation of strong vibrant communities, which include people with all abilities. KEYS provides both a physical place in which to meet, as well as community engagement.